Defining the Future of Sustainable Agriculture, Food Manufacturing & Retail in Africa

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March 29-30, 2023

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Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya 

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The Africa Food Sustainability Summit is a two-day high-level conference and expo that defines the future of sustainability in Africa’s food and agriculture supply chain sector – from farm to fork.

The Summit provides the platform for key stakeholders in the food and agri sector to learn, share, engage and network, while discovering new opportunities, practices, technologies and trends that they can adopt to enhance the sustainability agenda in their businesses and communities.

This ground-breaking pan-African Summit is the largest gathering of investors, C-Suite executives and other key decision makers from the private, public, non-profits and academic/research institutes in the food and agriculture value chain with a focus on the broad subject of sustainability in the food and agriculture value chains in Africa.

The need for a more sustainable food and agriculture sector in Africa has come into sharp focus following the massive disruptions brought by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Russian-Ukraine war and conflicts in a number of African countries, which have led to high food prices and general disruptions in supply chains across the Continent.

The Summit provides the perfect platform to discover and learn from some of Africa’s leading start-ups, conglomerates and multi-nationals; Government agencies and NGOs/development partners; and universities and research institutes about the latest practices and technologies to mainstream sustainability in Africa’s food and agri sector.

At the Summit, the food and agriculture industry stakeholders will be looking at more than just availing more locally-produced, nutritious food to Africa’s growing population, but also how to urgently create more prosperous, just and stable local societies and economies; accelerate renewable energy transition; boost cleaner and circular economy initiatives and other sustainability related topical issues – with urgency and scale across Africa.


The Summit will bring some of the leading voices from Africa and the World to share their insights and knowledge on how to mainstream sustainable practices and new technologies in the food and agro industry in Africa, including:


Discover new ideas and technologies at the Summit & Expo, covering the following aspects:

Sustainable Local Production & Sourcing

The Summit will highlight examples of how the food and agriculture sector players can improve local agriculture, improve local sourcing initiatives, build local stakeholder engagement and showcase ways to create opportunities for women and youth in the food value chain in Africa.

Renewable Energy Transition

The Summit will enable investors and managers in Africa’s agriculture, food processing, retail and HORECA industry to discover new ways to transition their facilities and plants to renewable energy sources that boost their environmental impact and reduce costs of business operations.

Cleaner & Circular Economy

The Summit will highlight ways to incorporate new packaging and processing technologies, build a cleaner and circular economy; showcase initiatives and technologies that improve water & waste utilisation; and ways to boost ecological balance and create cleaner environments, facilities, plants and communities


The Summit is the best platform to learn some of the most critical leadership, strategy and governance concepts; and policies and strategies that Governments and private sector actors can adopt to embed sustainable business practices in their operations and communities.

New Food Technologies & Digitalisation

At the Summit, look forward to discover the future of food innovation and how new technologies and digital tools can be used to mainstream sustainability in Africa’s food and agriculture value chain – from farm to fork.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The Summit will enable key decision makers from Africa’s agriculture, food processing, retail and HORECA industry to discover new ways of incorporating diversity, equity and inclusion principles within their operations and the communities they serve.

Ethical Financing & Investing

The Summit will highlight ways to source for ethical financing and investing opportunities and ways that the industry stakeholders can boost financing to start-ups and established businesses that create jobs that boost local economies and reduce food waste and loss.

The Planet & Net-Zero Strategies

Discover some of the challenges the World faces, as climate change takes its toll across the World – and find ways that we can all contribute at the individual, business, society, country or global levels to make the World a better place in future.

Connect with leaders and experts from Africa & globally at this pan-African Summit

With sustainability top of mind for most business leaders, Governments agencies and politicians, NGOs, development organisations and the general public, the Africa Food Sustainability Summit is the perfect platform to discover and adopt some of the sustainable practices and technologies for your business, communities and the Planet at large.

For Sponsors/Exhibitors

Do business and network with key decision makers from Africa's food and agro industry

The Africa Food Sustainability Summit is the ultimate get-together for decision-makers and influencers in the food and agriculture sector in Africa.

The event is the ideal opportunity to get in contact and do business with the key influencers in Africa’s food and agro industry. Make sure you don’t miss out from showcasing your industry leadership and unique products and services at this pan-African Summit.

More than 400 private, Government, non-profit and academia/research sector stakeholders will be at hand to engage with your brand and your teams as a Sponsor of the Summit.

For Attendees

Discover • Network • Do Business

Join more than 400 delegates and contacts at the Africa Food Sustainability Summit – the most influential industry get-together for decision-makers and influencers in the food and agriculture industry in Africa.

Discover the most important ideas and initiatives that you can adopt in your business or community; discover new technologies at the Expo Hall and network with other players, government agencies, NGOs, universities and research institutions from Africa and beyond.


The Africa Food Sustainability Summit contributes to the achievement of SDG goals No. 2 (Zero Hunger), No. 6 (Clean Water & Sanitation), No.7 (Affordable & Clean Energy), No.9 (Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure), No.10 (Reduced Inequality), No.12 (Responsible Consumption & Production), No. 14 (Life below Water) and No. 15 (Life on Land)


The 2023 edition of the Africa Food Sustainability Summit will be hosted at Safari Park Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya.


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